Attractive Fixed Income Returns

RainFin enables you to access an asset class that Institutions have enjoyed for decades.

Things Most Investors Want To Know

Investors (Institutional and Retail) purchase Participation Notes
Participation Notes are assets that are directly linked to the economic interest on loans
Investors can purchase Notes that correspond to different loans and Borrowers, thereby diversifying their portfolios
Diversification enhances risk adjusted returns

Things Most Investors Want To Know

Maximise Return
Purchase Notes that corresponds to different loans to diversify your risk.
Make Informed Investment Decisions
Borrowers undergo a thorough risk assessment before loan requests are published onto our Credit Marketplace.
Personal And Financial
At RainFin we value your personal and financial information. We utilise secure technology to ensure that your personal information is safe and your identity id protected.
Borrower Default
RainFin has an established collections process, the aim of which is to rehabilitate loan defaults.
Your Steps To Maximize Your Returns

Create your Profile and verify yourself

  • Complete our quick registration process.
  • RainFin requires you to submit your CDD (Customer Due Diligence) documentation to authenticate yourself.
View Full CDD Requirements List

Find loans matching your requirements on our RainFin Credit Marketplace or Secondary Credit Marketplace

  • Go to our marketplace and search for a loan matching your risk appetite.
  • You can also purchase economic interests on loans, i.e. a percentage of the capital and interest due on loans, on our Secondary Credit Marketplace.

Transfer funds to your RainFin account, purchase Notes and start earning

  • Top up your account.
  • Place an order for an economic interest on loans i.e. a percentage of capital and interest due on loans.
  • RainFin will notify you if your order is successfully concluded.

Track your performance and optimise your investment portfolio

  • Monitor the performance of your loans on your My RainFin dashboard.
  • You can also sell your loans on the Secondary Credit Marketplace.