Our Investment Products

RainFin services the entire value chain from legal structuring to utility (trading, redemption, etc) of tokenised assets

Earn up to 10%* yield on global investment products
USD-SC Token Symbol
~8% APR

ZAR Savings Token


Same-day redemption in eZAR for underlying ZAR Cash on Deposit at Tier 1 SA banks. Calculated daily.

Coming Soon
USD-SC Token Symbol
~5.2% APR

USD Savings Token


Same-day redemption in USDC for underlying USD Cash on Deposit at Tier 1 Global banks. Calculated daily.

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USD-SC Token Symbol
~9.2% APR

USD Corporate Bond


Same-day redemption for USDC against underlying AA Rated Private Credit portfolio. Calculated daily.

Coming Soon
*These rates are estimations and subject to market movements. Movements of the SA Repo rate and or the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR), will directly impact these rate estimations
Global investment product roadmap

See how RainFin is evolving finance

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