Launch your AMC Issuance Platform

*This use case is a scenario from our partner GenTwo

Launch your AMC Issuance Platform

Instantly create a flexible Actively Managed Certificate offering for new and existing clients.

How it works

Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) have become increasingly popular among external asset managers and banks in recent years. While smaller and mid-sized banks are keen to offer Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) to their EAM clients, building their own AMC platform is an expensive and complicated undertaking that can take months or even years to complete. These banks need to decide whether to build their own offerings or work with an external partner.

However, third-party platforms like RainFin can offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for banks to access a vast universe of smaller but highly interesting opportunities, to attract new clients and increase assets under management.


At RainFin, we offer clients such as banks, a whole ecosystem geared to connecting the capital with innovative products and services across public, private, and digital markets. With this, we enable them to define a new unique product offering that will help them increase customer loyalty and strengthen their brand. It also offers access to new target markets such as the retail business, as the solution fully covers the high regulatory complexity associated with retail products.

How does this happen?

Generally speaking: You focus on your core business, and we take care of all the rest and provide you with the tools to establish a white-labeled platform where you and/or your clients can create compliant AMCs with Swiss ISIN codes in just a few days.

There are no limits to what is possible: The RainFin platform is fully flexible and customizable to include all your in-house counterparties for custody and execution services as well as brokerage. Our innovative off-balance sheet setup allows unlimited rebalancings, an unrestricted investment universe across asset classes and sectors as well as full usage of ETFs, options, and cash quotas. Fee parameters can be set flexibly (management/rebalancing/performance fees etc.) to meet client needs and product objectives.  


Platform Manager

  • Win AMC business
  • Increase Assets under Management
  • Enhance execution revenues
  • Flexible, custom-tailored, white-labeled platform
  • Fast time-to-market
  • Cost-effective
  • Minimal integration efforts
  • No need to build up in-house resources and processes
  • Custody and execution remain with the bank

Asset Manager

  • Implement portfolio strategies/innovative ideas as Actively Managed Certificate
  • Own services and brand
  • Executes unlimited rebalancings and have no cash limit
  • No bank issuer or balance sheet risks
  • Independent asset allocation (Multi Product Allocation: Funds, Structured Products, etc.)

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