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RainFin brings innovation and global investment directly to your wallet, without the complexity.
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Earn up to 10%* yield on global investment products

USD-SC Token Symbol
~1.75% APR



USDx is RainFin's USD base token, that is purchased when depositing either USDC or USD onto the platform.

Coming Soon
USD-SC Token Symbol
~2.30% APR



ZARx is RainFin's ZAR base token, that is purchased when depositing ZAR onto the platform.

Coming Soon
USD-SC Token Symbol
~5.2% APR

USD Savings Token


USD-ST is a USD denominated yield product, backed by private credit, aiming for SOFR plus 3.

Coming Soon
USD-SC Token Symbol
~8% APR

ZAR Savings Token


ZAR-ST is a ZAR denominated prime related yield product, backed by private credit aiming for prime plus 1.

Coming Soon
*These rates are estimations and subject to market movements. Movements of the SA Repo rate and or the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR), will directly impact these rate estimations

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Please note that all values provided by this financial calculator are estimations and should be treated as such.
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The idea of converting my local currency to a more secure and stable currency was very appealing to me, and the ease of use of XCAP made it a no-brainer. The process of converting my money was simple and straightforward, and I have already seen growth in my savings.
Sean Emery

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